[November 2020] Grab a Table at Jay’s for Thanksgiving

Please join us for Thanksgiving at Jay’s Bistro. Dine-in and take-out will be available. We are adhering to all state and county guidelines regarding Covid safety protocols, and masks must be worn when entering the restaurant until guests are seated at their table. Service begins at 11am and concludes at 8pm. We encourage those who would like to enjoy our takeout meals to pre-order, however same-day orders will be taken. We look forward to sharing the holiday with you and your family.

Check out our Thanksgiving menu here!

Employee Spotlight – Zack Quinn

This picture is a symbol of Zack’s humility. He wanted a picture with a great background and not just a close up of himself.

What is your favorite dish at Jay’s?

Before I describe what I enjoy most about Jay’s and especially the food it produces, I must mention how much I appreciate the staff. Not only for the hard work and camaraderie I see in each and every member inside our restaurant’s walls but for flawless execution as well. I have never been let down by a single dish I have had the pleasure of trying at Jay’s. Without a doubt, the Lamb Osso Buco is hands down my favorite dish; though I’ve only had it once, it’s aroma still wafts through my imagination, a kind of delightful suffocation that can only be satisfied with another bite. But while the food is unmatched in quality, it’s not why I love Jay’s. The question shouldn’t be, “What is your favorite dish at Jay’s?” The question should be, “What do you think makes Jay’s special?” And I say it’s the staff, we are a community who cares for and supports each other. That then translates into our interactions with our customers and the products we produce. It’s clear we care about what we do and who we talk to, and if it’s not, then you weren’t meant for Jay’s, and Jay’s wasn’t meant for you.

Where is the most exciting place you have ever been?

Once upon a time, I was fortunate enough to travel to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. It truly was a surreal experience, surrounded by paradise. To speak bluntly, I did not adequately appreciate my time there in the moment. Perhaps that is my biggest take away from the trip as a whole, to really live for the moment; never under-appreciate the little things engulfed in a sea of anguish.

Do you have a special talent, guilty pleasure or interesting hobby you’d like to share?

In terms of hobbies, ironically writing has recently been added to the ranks. As far as interesting, anything I could say about myself would tremble in comparison to what I could say about the people in my life, or the stories that grow the soul I so desperately search for. If I may presume to be so selfish and direct yet another question in my favor, I’d really just like to take an opportunity to talk to all of you. I’m going on about a year now working at Jay’s. In that time I’ve found drive, I continue to and have already realized so much about the person I am, and I genuinely can’t pinpoint a single moment in my time here where I’ve had a greater appreciation for life. I owe it all to you; everyone who built Jay’s, from Jay himself to the one guy who walked in last Saturday. I owe it to everyone in the kitchen or on the floor. Jay’s has one of the most unique and caring cultures I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of, created by each and every soul to ever enter that building. I have learned and gained more from Jay’s than I can ever express, and likewise I can never give my gratitude justice. But I will try, because I owe it to you. Jay’s was there for me, and I am there for Jay’s.

Local Partner – NoCo Nosh

We are very proud to partner with NoCo Nosh to deliver Jay’s food to you wherever you need it. NoCo Nosh is a food delivery and pickup service that prides itself on keeping Noco dollars in Noco! They strive to be a fair and sustainable alternative to Grubhub, DoorDash and the like, so our values are on keeping dollars local and in the hands of our restaurants while providing exceptional customer experience.

Unlike Grubhub, DoorDash, and UBER Eats, Noco Nosh is owned and operated by local independent restaurants, not a large corporation taking advantage of restaurants. They have a local staff on the ground running the day-to-day operations and a Board of Managers (comprised of restaurant owners) who make the decisions for the company. Local is their name, fairness is their game!

We currently have some great deals with NoCo Nosh. Take $10 of your order with code JAYS10 and get Free Delivery with code JAYSBISTRO (one coupon per order).

Order on Noco Nosh here!

COVID19 – Update

With Larimer County moving to Safer at Home Level 2: Concern we wanted to reassure you that we have not had to change what we are doing at Jay’s. Due to the meticulous safety standards we have been following and the large size of the restaurant we have been meeting the new guidelines since we reopened. We feel confident in our ability to provide you Classic, Local, Contemporary food in a safe environment. We are happy to announce that the new restrictions will not impact our Thanksgiving Service and want to remind you that we are also doing take-out for Thanksgiving if that is a better option for you and your family and friends.

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Thanks for supporting summer brunch, Jay’s will be returning to our normal dinner programming from 4pm to 9pm on Sundays beginning September 25th.

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