[October 2021] October Bistro Buzz

Familiar Faces

It has been a great joy to have Jay & Jackie Witlen visiting us over the last few weeks. We remain eternally grateful for all the work they poured into establishing Jay’s Bistro and for the foundation that we now build on.


Reservations for Thanksgiving are now available. We will be open from 11am-8pm. Make a reservation online or call us today. Our special Thanksgiving day menu is available online.

Patio Weather!

Fall weather is beautiful with cool days and crisp nights. Make reservations today for Jay’s patio to enjoy seasonally inspired food and drinks under the warmth of our heaters. There is no better time of year to sit outside than fall.

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Thanks for supporting summer brunch, Jay’s will be returning to our normal dinner programming from 4pm to 9pm on Sundays beginning September 25th.

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