[October 2020] New Fall Drinks & Deserts

New Fall Menu Items – Drinks, Dinner & Desserts

NEW Prime Rib Thursdays
8 OZ: $27 and 12 OZ: $36

Check out latest menu items here!

Employee Spotlight – Clementine Morisette

What is your favorite dish at Jay’s?

New menu or old? Even though I dream in crab cakes and lamb rib small plates, I have to hand it to the Pork belly we have right now on special. Since I am currently celebrating my 20-and-some-odd-fraction birthday, my favorite drink remains the pink lemonade.

Where is the most exciting place you’ve ever been?

My dreams. I know it sounds crazy but I literally went on exchange to Europe to dream about the American West. Plus mine predict that sometimes so that’s a bonus.

Do you have a special talent, guilty pleasure or interesting hobby you’d like to share?

I’m obsessed with jewelry, especially gems and their cuts/qualities. It’s not quite a hobby until I break down and buy a diamond saw, but I’d say lapidary is at least a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

Local Partner – Elevation 5003 Craft Spirits

We are pleased to offer Elevation 5003 Craft Spirits. Stop by soon and help us support another local business we admire!

Loren’s business grew from sitting around a fire pit with friends and cocktails. She started in the brewing industry and “naturally” started to dabble in distilling. She fell in love, started to home distill, and followed her passion. BIG PROPS to this wonderful young woman for sharing her dream with all of us!

Check out Elevation 5003 Craft Spirits

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